Why the printed pillow box is our new best-seller.

Printed pillow boxes are often used for jewellery and small gifts, small products that might be lost in a paper bag.

But have you thought of pillow boxes for your larger products? 

Bigger Pillow Boxes 

We now stock many sizes of pillow boxes, right up to very large size, so items such as clothing can share that high quality packaging. Whether you’re selling dresses, t-shirts, shirts or sweaters we have pillow boxes sized to match, and they can all be printed with your logo or branding.

Better Value

Printed pillow boxes give a luxury impression, but they can be more cost effective than luxury paper bags. They are easier to produce and there’s no need to attach handles, which means that making each pillow box is quicker. And for you, they are easier to store because they pack flat. 

Quality packaging

Now that they know printed pillow boxes are not just for jewellery, more and more customers are choosing printed pillow boxes for their larger items. We can apply all the same finishes, such as lamination, foil or embossing, to custom pillow boxes. We can even print the inside. 

So come and see how a printed pillow boxes could take your packaging to a new level of luxury, or contact us for a quote.

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