How Printed Tissue Paper improves customer experience

Adding printed tissue paper to your packaging brings a touch of luxury which will delight your customers. Why? It’s a question of brand experience.

Tissue wrapping of your product achieves 3 key aims:

  •  It enhances the look and feel of your product
  • Coloured or printed tissue paper reinforces your branding, and
  • It provides a protective layer.

Selling a premium product means appealing to your customer’s emotions. But it also means making sure that your packaging complements and protects your product.

So here are our three tips for perfect packaging:

Choose packaging that delights

You’ve seen the popularity of ‘unboxing’ videos. There’s an emotional pull to stylish packaging that enhances your product. So take advantage of this. Choose luxury paper bags or printed pillow boxes and add co-ordinating printed tissue paper and ribbon. It’s all in the presentation!

Make your packaging brand-centric

The best packaging represents your brand’s personality. Custom printed paper bags and branded tissue paper reinforce your logo and brand colours so that your product sticks in your customer’s mind. Chances are they’ll also keep and re-use quality packaging, so it’s worth your investment.

Package for travel

Protect your product so that it can survive the journey home. Choose reinforced bags if your product is heavy or bulky, and a tissue layer if you need to separate items or simply give them added padding. Remember that custom printed packaging will be seen by others during any journey so your brand will get some free marketing too.

So if you fancy a touch of luxury, take a look at our printed tissue paper and see the difference you can make to your customer’s experience.

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