Luxury Paper Bag Christmas Deadlines: A Guide

Christmas is fast approaching and will be here before we know it!

Whether you are looking for a Christmas luxury paper bag for your retail stores, events, or promotions, we can help with our guide to our Luxury Paper Bag Christmas deadlines.

As it is one of the busiest times of the year for luxury paper bag orders, be sure not to miss your key dates! 

At Luxury Paper Bags, all our bags are hand-crafted and manufactured especially for every order.  From producing an eye-catching design to recommending the best paper and handles, we take pride in every single order, from concept to delivery.

Demand is high for luxury paper bag deliveries before Christmas, so read on to find out how to make your Christmas delivery to the UK or EU as efficient as possible…

Our Tips for an Efficient Delivery of your Luxury Paper Bags:

To meet the Luxury Paper Bag Christmas deadlines, we would recommend to prepare as much information as possible before you place your order.
(Read our guide to buying luxury paper bags for more information):

  • Choose which size bag(s) you would like
  • Work out how many you would like
  • Decide how many colours to print
  • Select the paper
  • Choose which handles to include
  • Decide whether you would like lamination or optional special finishes
  • Have your design or logo ready

sloggi Christmas gift bag. Luxury Paper Bag Christmas DeadlinesWe are specialists in creating beautiful luxury paper bags, so if you’re not sure on any of the items above, we are happy to advise and recommend the best options for you.


You will then need to request a free quote for your Christmas luxury paper bags.

Once you are happy with the quote, you will need to place your order.  Our handy guide on how to order from Luxury Paper Bags guides you through the process.

Luxury Paper Bag Christmas Deadlines: Key Christmas Order Dates to Consider:


To work out when you need to place your order by to receive delivery of your Christmas Luxury Paper Bags, take a look at the key dates below…

Order Date (2022)

Estimated Delivery Date (to the UK or EU) 2022

Monday 24th October

22nd November

Monday 31st October

29th November

Monday 7th November

13th December

Monday 14th November

20th December

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