Luxury Paper Bags: Your Walking Advert

Have you noticed that digital marketing has taken over our screens?

Adverts fire brands in our faces all day, every day. 91% of people say ads are more intrusive today than two years ago*.

That’s why it’s a refreshing change to see real advertising, used in real life, by people who share our values.

Marketing is all about emotion and personal connection. It’s why we rely on recommendations from friends or even celebrities. And this is where promotional bags can have a great impact on your business.

Invest in luxury paper bags and you get multiple marketing wins:

  • Your customer is thrilled with your customer care  – the packaging enhances the product so she feels good and wants to come back. No buyer’s remorse here!
  • Friends and family will enjoy the unwrapping experience,  your luxury bag becoming part of the extended product. Yes, let’s share the love!
  • Neighbours -that’s anyone who meets your customer or sees her with the bag. They’ll notice your branding, even if subconsciously.
  • Green Giving – luxury bags are likely to be used and re-used, giving friends or family something special. Another moment of reflected glory!

Every time someone sees the bag they feel connected with the person carrying it, emotionally linking their happiness with your brand. It’s well known that potential customers need to see your brand 5-7 times to remember it. A luxury paper bag is a moving, visible, re-usable advert. It increases your chances of being seen repeatedly and remembered.

And it’s real. No screens, no celebrities, just good, honest luxury.

Take a look at our vast range of luxury paper bags, and find the best walking advertisement for your brand.

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