Our 3 Top Tips for Brilliant Branding

Branding makes your business stand out from the rest.

A good brand is seen and recognised by customers, allowing you to build a relationship of trust with your target market. And with trust comes loyalty!

Consistent Branding

The key to good branding is consistency. Your website, logo and marketing materials, including bespoke packaging such as branded paper bags, should visibly reflect your brand character. The same is true for your shop, whether this is an online store or bricks and mortar.

So what is the best way to achieve consistency across your brand?

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Saving the planet one bag at a time

Teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg has spiced up public debate over climate change, asking politicians worldwide to pay attention and take action to protect the environment.

But it’s not just politicians who must act. Every one of us can make choices that will help save the planet, whether it’s reducing the number of times we fly (a major source of damaging CO2 emissions) or making eco-friendly business decisions.

How can my business help?

Business owners everywhere owe it to their customers, and to the next generation, to reduce their impact on the environment. You might think there’s little you can do to help, but every tiny step becomes a giant leap when enough people are motivated to act.

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Why the printed pillow box is our new best-seller.

printed pillow boxes

Printed pillow boxes are often used for jewellery and small gifts, small products that might be lost in a paper bag.

But have you thought of pillow boxes for your larger products? 

Bigger Pillow Boxes 

We now stock many sizes of pillow boxes, right up to very large size, so items such as clothing can share that high quality packaging. Whether you’re selling dresses, t-shirts, shirts or sweaters we have pillow boxes sized to match, and they can all be printed with your logo or branding.

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How Printed Tissue Paper improves customer experience

Printed Tissue Paper

Adding printed tissue paper to your packaging brings a touch of luxury which will delight your customers.

Why? It’s a question of brand experience.

Tissue wrapping of your product achieves 3 key aims:

  •  It enhances the look and feel of your product
  • Coloured or printed tissue paper reinforces your branding, and
  • It provides a protective layer.

Selling a premium product means appealing to your customer’s emotions. But it also means making sure that your packaging complements and protects your product.

So here are our three tips for perfect packaging:

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Marketing trend or smart business move? Why you should use custom printed paper bags

Ribbon Handle Paper Bags

Custom printed paper bags enhance your business.

Printed paper bags are all the rage amongst high-end stores, so what are the benefits for retailers, and is it worth making the change?

You’ll have noticed more and more people using paper bags to carry their goods on the high street. From high fashion brands to household names, everyone seems to be packaging their goods in custom printed paper bags.

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Branded paper bags: why Design Agencies choose us

creative packaging design agency

Customers love creative bag designs that capture their  attention.

So designer paper bags are fast becoming the best solution in traditional marketing, as brands understand the lasting impression of great packaging.

Agencies choose us to supply their clients’ bespoke bags because:

·         We’re experts in designer paper bags

·         We supply high quality paper packaging products at best prices

·         We’re fast, flexible and fabulous

But there’s more to building a successful relationship with brand and marketing agencies than just providing the best paper bags.

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Luxury Paper Bags: Your Walking Advert

Luxury Paper Bags

Have you noticed that digital marketing has taken over our screens?

Adverts fire brands in our faces all day, every day. 91% of people say ads are more intrusive today than two years ago*.

That’s why it’s a refreshing change to see real advertising, used in real life, by people who share our values.

Marketing is all about emotion and personal connection. It’s why we rely on recommendations from friends or even celebrities. And this is where promotional bags can have a great impact on your business.

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Why Bother with a Luxury Paper Bag?

Focus on your core product, make it the best it can possibly be, and you’re ready for business, right?

Sadly not.

Marketing is all about product, promotion and price. However great your product, without proper promotion and the perfect price point, business can drift down the drain.

Luxury Paper Bags to the rescue!

Strange as it may seem, ordering the right packaging for your product could be the difference between sink and swim.

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